Skies Over Paradise

Skies Over Paradise

Developer: Kaila Harris
Publisher: DigiPen Institute of Technology
Role: Systems Designer

Platform: Windows
Genres: Turn-Based, Strategy
Completion Date:


Turn-based strategy game where two fleet commanders attempt to eliminate enemy airships. This was created for an assignment with the theme of “Competition.”

Project Design Goals

This game is a port of a board game I designed for a different assignment. I really wanted a two-player turn-based strategy game with (near) perfect information but the testing alone would have taken months. So I dug up a board game that I’d already done extensive testing for a year earlier. About 50% of the original mechanics remained in the digital version and I had to completely rethink the UI. (And still rethinking that UI…) Unfortunately, the engine version it was created in isn’t really a thing anymore, so the UI is stuck like that.


The following are the original documents for the board game version of Skies Over Paradise. It was produced in about 8 weeks and some of the explanations are replicated wholesale in the digital Skies.