Developer: Team Imagine Nation
Publisher: DigiPen Institute of Technology
Role: Game Director, UI Designer, Playtest Manager

Platform: Windows
Tools Used: Photoshop, Perforce, Visual Studio 2015/2017
Completion Date:


Vára is a 3D puzzle-adventure game where the player uses a beam of light to progress through the environment. During her travels, the player character Brigid finds a frozen island. She is accompanied by the phoenix-crow named Lugh, who teaches her about the power of the Lantern Seed and saves her from impending dangers.

Team Imagine Nation

  • Winson Han - Producer/Designer
  • Kaila Harris - Game Director/Designer
  • Jordan Yong - Design Lead/Level Designer
  • Hans Wolfgang Berghoff - Technical Director/Programmer
  • Sean Boerger - Programmer
  • Zach Lewis - Programmer
  • Arthur Wall - Data Programmer
  • Sarah Ann Slater - Art Producer/Animator
  • Cassie Helwick - Character Animator
  • Alex Beavin - Environment Artist
  • Emily Cochran - Art Director/Creature Design/Rigging
  • Kyler Elmer - Audio lead/Programmer
  • Steven Saulls - Composer/Sound Designer
Musical Talent
  • Eric Klassen - Cello
  • Shauny Jang - Soprano Vocals
  • Brooke Robertson - Alto Vocals
  • Pierce Cram - Tenor and Bass
  • Kira Premack - Trailer VO