Hello! I'm Kaila
and I like making games.

Starting out in my hometown of Los Angeles, CA, I left for San Diego
and completed a degree in Electrical Engineering from USD. After that,
I decided to pursue my passion for systems design and game development
with a degree in Game Design from DigiPen Institute of Technology.

Currently based in the Greater Seattle Area, I continue to learn
new ways to merge art and technology by designing games and systems.

For any questions, email me at [email protected].

Digital Projects

4th Year Game. Image by Sarah Hedges.


Skies Over Paradise


Caster Arts

Procedural Placement Room

Board Games

Quiet Mountain

Spirit Showdown

Trade Secret


Quiet Mountain (Board Game)

After the untimely demise of the sheriff, two deputies must rise to the occasion. Step into the shoes of the town's finest to hunt down the outlaws terrorizing the quiet town and earn the respect of the citizens.

Skies Over Paradise (PC and Board Game)

You have been given command of a small airship detachment headed for Paradise. Your fleet must capture the skies over the city before the enemy takes control.

Marrowbend (Twine 2 Story Snippet)

Three recovery officers are dispatched to a ghost town in the desert to investigate the disappearance of a company employee. They are quickly stranded and must uncover town’s dark secrets if they wish to avoid a terrible fate.

Recording thought processes and design. Occasionally analyzing movies and video games, especially how they succeed or fail in certain aspects.

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